What Should You Expect From a Luxury Car Service Center?

With a luxury car you buy yourself high esteem and an elite image. A luxury car is something that makes you stand out in crowd. When you are travelling in a luxury car, people become aware of your high economic background. Being a Mercedes owner reflects your high class and that is exactly why the service centers boost up the parameters of customer services, so as to give you the ultimate customer satisfaction. Thus the parameters offered by the luxury car service centers are way beyond quality service, vehicle pickup, service adviser, service facility, and service initiation.

While walking into a Mercedes service center with your Benz car in Delhi, you expect some sort of pampering that you deserve being a Mercedes owner. Keeping in mind this psychology of yours the luxury car service centers are continuously trying to bring in various creative ways of customer care, staff training and renovating showrooms.

Like for example in the years, General Motors (GM) has focused on authenticating the customer care service for Cadillac owners. For Cadillac, focus is given on recruiting technology experts specially dedicated to customers in navigating their infotainment systems and device connections. GM is giving out the customers of new XTS and ATS sedans iPads with an app that mimics Cadillac’s new Cadillac User Experience, or CUE, infotainment system.

Hitting right cord of customer-dealer relationship

Many leading brands have included training dealership employees, from porters to dealer principals, as an important part in building the customer care experience.

In recent times Audi had invited about 15,000 dealership employees in different seminars and detailed out how to bring betterment in the customer care by engaging customers, personalize sales and service and learn from other industries.

Such numerous seminars have already been held pan India on discussing and spreading various ways to engage the elite customers in order to make their customer care experience worth having.

Way beyond any monetary deal

The customer care policies for a Mercedes service in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune or anywhere else; are bit different from the rest of the service centers and dealerships of different car manufacturers. A Mercedes service in Delhi completely buys the point that you, being a Mercedes owner happen to have elite and high class personality. Thus creating a harmonious connection with you goes beyond any monetary dealing and they try their level best to make you feel at your best. To quote Mercedes Benz ex-CEO, Steve Cannon: “Mercedes-Benz customers want to be thrilled and delighted. We are trying to rally the dealer body around ‘the best or nothing’ customer experience and energize dealership employees to delight. That does not mean goodwill money on the table.” So get yourself to the nearest Mercedes service center in Delhi and pamper yourself the royal treatment.