What If I Am Unsatisfied With My Auto Body Repairs?

There are many concerns when it comes to having our vehicles repaired, and especially with having the auto body repaired. You always want to your car to be finished looking great. However you don’t want to pay a ton of money, especially in our economy. So you need to do what you can to prevent your vehicle from getting a bad repair completed. Unfortunately that is sometime unavoidable. So, what can you do if you receive a bad or unacceptable repair job on your vehicle?

If you feel that the repair that you had completed on your vehicle is not satisfactory you can do something. You should first talk to the manager of the shop or the shop owner. Calmly explain your problem to them and let them know exactly what is not right. Usually the shop owner or manager will be willing to fix the problem. Make sure that you tell them right away. It won’t go over very well if you come back a week later to address a concern. Let them know what you feel is wrong and what needs to be fixed. In most cases you will get the problem handled. Auto body shops rely heavily on word of mouth, so they will not want any bad words to be said.

If that does not work and the manager will not help you, you should then find out if there is anyone above that manager. If so, you should ask to speak to them directly. You should explain your concerns to them and see if they can then help you.

If that doesn’t work you can find out if they are a part of the Better Business Bureau. If so, you can contact the Better Business Bureau and submit a formal complaint. That auto body shop will need to address your situation or they could lose the backing of the Better Business Bureau. Also all complaints are listed on the public site so that others will see it. The Better Business Bureau will not resolve complaints between you and a business they will simply report the information that you provide as public knowledge and require them to try to resolve your complaint or complaints. It would be best that you choose a company that is part of the Better Business Bureau and that you have looked up to establish that they are the kind of auto body shop that you would want to conduct business with.

Make sure that you always do your research when choosing an auto body shop to repair your vehicle. Don’t only check the Better Business Bureau. Have them show you the quality of work they produce. Also ask around to see if they have established a good reputation. Check to see if they have been in business for a while to establish credibility. All of these things are good to check out before dropping your vehicle off for auto body repairs. Don’t be left with a repair that is just not right!

Auto Body Repairs Work For Budgets

Many, if not most of us are on a budget today. We are watching where we spend each and every dollar. We are also making sure that we get the best deal for the money that we do spend. There is nothing wrong with that. However, sometimes things come up that we do not always plan for and we need to spend some money that we really weren’t planning to. One such thing is when our vehicle needs repair. If your vehicle has auto body damage you should find out about auto body repairs. This is something that can be done, even on a budget.

Many people put off getting their vehicle repaired because they think it will cost too much money. Sometimes the repairs can be costly. But that really depends on a few things. For example, what needs to be repaired, where will you take your vehicle for repair and will you get the existing materials repaired or will you have them replaced? All of these things will have an effect on your bill total.

The first thing you need to remember is to choose auto body repair! If you choose auto body replacement you will be paying a lot more money. It cost money to order the replacement part. You will not only get charged for the part but have to pay more since it will usually take longer than repairs. You may also have to get a rental car while you are waiting for the repair to be completed. That will cost you more money.

With auto body repairs, the auto reconditioning specialist will repair what materials are still on the vehicle. They have many advanced methods to repairing vehicles in a way that you can hardly tell that there was damage to begin with. Most repairs can be completed quickly in a few hours. Also you will not have to wait for any parts to come in so you will not have to rent a vehicle. Also to add to that many auto body shops offer a mobile service for some services they offer. So, they will come to you whether it be work, home or wherever and repair your vehicle for you. Since repairs can be completed quicker and there are no replacement parts you will not have to pay as much. So, if you are on a budget auto body repair is clearly the choice for you.

You may not think you need auto body repair, but it is best to get it done. You will prevent your vehicle from further damage, keep yourself and passengers safe, keep your vehicle looking nice, and maintain its resale value.

You just need to find an auto body shop that will complete the repairs for quickly. Also don’t forget as much as you will want a qualified auto body specialist to work on your car, you want and need a good price. So, look around before choosing and find a shop that you feel comfortable with and that fits into your budget!

Career In Auto Body Repair Technology

If you have traveled on the highway, you might have come across accidents involving two or more vehicles that have collided with each other. Such vehicles are either disposed of as scrap or sent for repairs, depending on the extent of damage caused by the crash. An automobile body repairer’s job is to work on damaged cars, make modifications to improve appearance and lend it an entirely new look. A career in auto body repair technology can be fascinating if you have a flair for fixing things and an eye for the design of cars.

The following article will help you understand the distinguishing characteristics of a career in auto body repair technology.

Job Qualifications And Training

Companies that hire auto body repair technologists typically prefer candidates with prior training in the field. They supplement the knowledge of newly recruited technicians with a well defined, on-the-job training. Additionally, the technicians are expected to lay efforts on constant updating of their skills as new vehicles are introduced. It is advisable for them to spend personal time reading technical manuals, and attending seminars and classes.

The National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) offers a certification in repairs, which though a voluntary program is considered as a standard of achievement for automotive body repairers. The institute conducts four tests, twice a year. A work experience of two years is an essential criterion to qualify for the test.

Due to the rapid improvement in technology, vast differences exist in the make, spare parts, build and quality of material used by manufacturers in the production of cars. Therefore, in addition to the practical training provided by employers, new technicians are also encouraged to attend supplementary courses organized by various auto manufacturers.


To be a talented automotive body repairer, reading, arithmetic and computer skills are essential. To restore the body of an automobile, a repairer should be able to understand diagrams so that the correct positioning of a certain part can be measured with respect to the other parts. New repairers are expected to fix dents and other minor problems, after which they start working on more complex problems such as straightening and realignment of body parts.

Nature Of The Job

The different job opportunities in this field range from painting and glass replacement to specializing in only one type of repair. For instance, a technician can focus on fiberglass car body repair that is usually done only in bigger shops. Other jobs include fixing of large dents using anvils, heating of plastic to attach it back to the car, and the filing and grinding of machines to lend it a desired shape. After gaining a few years of experience, some auto body repairers also take up management jobs that involve tasks such as supervising technicians, purchasing of supplies, hiring, keeping track of income, expenses, and payment of bills.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in the year 2002, automotive body repairers made a median hourly wage of $15.71 including incentives.

Future Of The Job

The number of job positions in this field is expected to increase through the year 2012. To meet the demand, auto body repair jobs may have to be contracted out to repairers from other fields or retired automobile designers working in other areas. Repairers who have undergone formal training and certification will benefit from the enriching job opportunities expected to arise. Other than simple repairing jobs, the redefining aspect of automobile technology will be a sought after skill to counter the increasing demands for new and innovative designs. The big shops will look at increasing their ability to provide quality service to more customers as a team is would be recruited to cater to the varying needs of different customer profiles, to decrease the repair time and improve overall efficiency.

As the number of vehicles on the road increase, so will the need to repair and add new features to them. The auto repairing industry is here to stay, and if you vie to be in an innovative and challenging field, the auto body repair industry is the right career option for you.